The Droodle™   Waterproof Notepad.   Write. Rip. Repeat

In the shower

At the pool

On the water

On the job site

Sometimes, inspiration strikes at the most inconvenient time. So, The Droodle™ was born out of the necessity to keep important thoughts, inspirations, notes and ideas dry when taken in any wet environment. The Droodle is a completely waterproof notepad, holder and caddy, designed for use in the shower, pool, boat or even on the jobsite. Use it anytime you do not want to loose your thoughts or ideas to soggy conditions.

Mount The Droodle’s caddy to almost anything and use it as a stationary writing surface. Or, take it out of the caddy and carry it with you since the notepad and holder are comfortably portable. The Droodle comes with a standard lead pencil and includes a pad of 25 water resistant pages. A special coating renders the paper completely waterproof and allows the paper to be written upon with a standard lead pencil or ink pen. Water simply beads up, rolls off, and the integrity of the paper fibers remains completely intact.

The Droodle - As Seen on TV The Droodle™ is a completely waterproof notepad system, designed for use anywhere inspiration strikes.

Try one today... it really works!

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